Valhexen – Sons Of The Black Serpent (2024)

Band –Valhexen
Album –Sons Of The Black Serpent
Year –2024
Genre –Symphonic Blackened Death Metal
Country –United Kingdom
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

1.La dame de la mort 04:01
2.Mighty Warrior Siegfried 02:42
3.Invocation of Hekarti 04:44
4.Lord of Ashes 02:58
5.Oni 03:00
6.Night Creature 05:24
7.Godskin Assassin 03:48
8.The Black Gates of Coldharbour 02:37
9.Morningstar 04:18
10.Vampiric Thirst 05:00
11.Werewolf Brutality 03:19
12.Sons of The Black Serpent 06:16
13.Black Winged Horde 03:10
14.Psycho Cybermancy (Bonus Track) 04:16

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