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Crepitation – If You Want Blood​(​stock) [live] (2024)

Band –Crepitation
Album – If You Want Blood​(​stock)
Year –2024
Genre –Brutal Death Metal
Country –United Kingdom
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

1. Engulfed in Enjoogulation
2. Pathological Armoured Ferret Tank
3. Devourification of Skewerised Rotisserie Hominids
4. Archaeological Clacker Valve Array
5. Gelatinous Interdimensional Spunk Trumpet
6. The Gyrospastic Photomancer (Purging of the Able-bodied)
7. Ophthalmic Arterial Hammerage
8. Equine Phallic Impalement
9. Barkakke
10. Incongruous Penilectomy.