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A Man Named Onigumo – Lost in The Loosh (2024)

Band –A Man Named Onigumo
Album –Lost in The Loosh
Year –2024
Genre –Brutal Death Metal
Country –USA
Quality – FLAC

01. To Propel The Genesis Of Suffering
02. An Immured Vacuity
03. Lost In The Loosh
04. Ectonomicon
05. Soul Extortion
06. Dystopamine
07. A Distorted Insignificance
08. Collecting Tender Amalgamation.


A Man Named Onigumo – Eroded by Time (Compilation)(2023)

Band – A Man Named Onigumo
Album –Eroded by Time
Year –2023
Genre – Brutal Death Metal
Country –USA
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

01. Eroded by Time
02. Still Water Runs Deep
03. Horrific Incandescence
04. Collecting Tender Aamalgamation
05. Monolithic Effluence
06. Cocooned in Excremental Putrefaction