Sewer – Rektal (2018)


Band –Sewer
Album –Rektal
Year –2018
Genre – Black Metal
Country –USA
Web – Facebook
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

01. Eldorado
02. Kadaver Seksual
03. Preteen Labial Exsanguination
04. Aberrant Urethral Placenta Commotion
05. Post-Mortem Telolecithal Embryonic Prostitute
06. Hyperpriapic Procrustean Goresaw to Defile the Cunt of Satan
07. Retrograde Prenatal Haruspicy on Seismologic Subintestinal Amygdala
08. Dark Satanic Sex with Satanic Demons and Satan Protoplasmic Vagina 666
09. Necrophobic Autosexual Reverence of Pedophallic Retroperitoneal Scatofoetal Gastronomy
10. Aquatile Sodomy to Heptahedral Obsequial Sphincter Sewage in the Mouth of Satan Crucifix
11. Rektal.

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