Radarna – The Fomorian Horde (2021)

Band – Radarna
Album – The Fomorian Horde
Year – 2021
Genre – Blackened Folk Metal
Country – Sweden
Web – Facebook
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

01. The Beginning of the End of the Beginning (01:39)
02. The House of Banshee (03:34)
03. Woodwose Song (04:20)
04. Beware of Red Cap (04:21)
05. Beyond Pain (03:21)
06. The Fomorian Horde (04:24)
07. Ocean Man (04:15)
08. The Spirit of Ly Erg (04:09)
09. The Ending That Is Kinda Like a Beginning but Really Isn’t (01:18)

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  1. Yo, I’m one of the two writers of this album, and the main producer of Rådarna! I just wanna say it’s really cool that people like the album so much that they wanna download it. The main goal of our music is that people should be able to enjoy it and have a good time. I get some people don’t have much money but unless you’re someone that’s living in a third world country where a dollar to 7 dollars would be a lot or someone that’s really broke, I think if you really like this album and what we’ve done you should consider buying at least one song or the entire album cause how much we make can make a whole lot of difference for when we finish the next release.

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