Phil Daw – Too Late for Roses (2018)

Band –Phil Daw
Album –Too Late for Roses
Year –2018
Genre –Progressive Metal / Metalcore
Country –UK
Web – Facebook
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

01. Prelude to Depression
02. And God Created Woman… Then Created You (feat. Mike Bradbury)
03. Darkness and Empty Shadows (feat. Alexa Coleman & Mike Bradbury)
04. Dead Inside (feat. Joe Pagan & Mike Bradbury)
05. Necrosis (feat. Mike Bradbury & Alexa Coleman)
06. Knight in Shining Armour (feat. Mike Bradbury & Alexa Coleman)
07. Broken Heart Syndrome (feat. Mike Bradbury & Alexa Coleman)
08. Another Sad Story (feat. Joe Pagan & Alexa Coleman)
09. And God Created Woman… Then Created You (Instrumental)
10. Darkness and Empty Shadows (Instrumental)
11. Dead Inside (Instrumental)
12. Necrosis (Instrumental)
13. Knight in Shining Armour (Instrumental)
14. Broken Heart Syndrome (Instrumental)
15. Another Sad Story (Instrumental)
16. And God Created Woman (Demo) [feat. Mike Bradbury]
17. Darkness and Empty Shadows / Emptiness (Demo) [feat. Mike Bradbury & Beth Olive]
18. Dead Inside (Demo) [feat. Mike Bradbury]
19. Necrosis (College Recording) [feat. Beth Olive & Mike Bradbury]
20. Broken Heart Syndrome (Demo) [feat. Alexa Coleman & Mike Bradbury]
21. Knight in Shining Armour (College Recording) [feat. Beth Olive & Mike Bradbury]
22. And God (First Studio Take)
23. And God Created Woman (First Ever Song Demo)

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