Megadriver – For Great Justice (2018)

Band –Megadriver
Album –For Great Justice
Year –2018
Genre – Instrumental Heavy Metal
Country –Brazil
Web – Facebook
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

1. Thunder Thrash (From “Thunder Force IV”)
2. Metal Squad (From “Thunder Force IV”)
3. Rising Blue Lightning (From “Thunder Force V”)
4. Stand Up Against Myself (From “Thunder Force IV”)
5. All Your Base Are Belong To Us (From “Zero Wing”)
6. Blood-Stained Lake (From “Elemental Master”)
7. Power Of Anger (From “Salamander”)
8. A Long Time Ago (From “Gradius III”)
9. Gaiaresu (From “Gaiares”)
10. A Mission To Start (From “Gaiares”)
11. Main Theme (From “Vapor Trail”)
12. Stage 1 (From “R-Type”)
13. The Void Of Space (From “Verytex”)
14. Thermosphere (From “Einhänder”)
15. Frontline Base (From “U.N. Squadron”)
16. Fly To The Leaden Sky (From “Battle Garegga”)
17. Fullmetal Fighter (From “M.U.S.H.A. Aleste”)
18. Main Theme (From “Airwolf”)
19. Stage Theme (From “Tiger Heli”)
20. The Final Strike (From “After Burner”)

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