Gaylord – The Black Metal Scene Needs to Be Destroyed (2018)

Band –Gaylord
Album –The Black Metal Scene Needs to Be Destroyed
Year –2018
Genre –Black Metal
Country –UK
Web – Facebook
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

01. Intro: Leviathan Gaap Baphomet Titivillus Qarinah
02. Neo-Nazi Metalheads Will Be Hanged and Their Broken Corpses Openly Mocked
03. Summoning Krieg Facebook Legions
04. Coward Authoritarian Apologist Bootlicking Kvlt
05. Nice Sun Cross Tattoo Asshole
06. Odin Doesn’t Listen to Nsbm You Inbred Alt-Right Shitheels
07. Varg Impaled
08. All Hail the New Wave

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