FalKKonE – Intense Symphonic Metal Covers, Vol. 16 (2019)

Band –FalKKonE
Album –Intense Symphonic Metal Covers, Vol. 16
Year –2019
Genre –Symphonic Metal
Country –Poland
Web – Facebook
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

01. Rex Duodecim Angelus (From Homestuck AlterniaBound)
02. BL1ND JUST1C3 1NV3ST1G4T1ON !! (From Homestuck AlterniaBound)
03. Destroyed Skyworld (From Kid Icarus Uprising)
04. Unfounded Revenge (From Mother 3)
05. Nothing to Lose (From Castlevania Harmony of Despair)
06. Temple (From Zelda II The Adventure of Link)
07. accelerated world (From Accel World)
08. bugz (From Accel World)
09. No, Thank You (From K-ON!!)
10. Legend of the Eagle Bearer (Main Theme) [From Assassin’s Creed Odyssey]
11. Battle! Trainer (From Pokemon Red Green Blue)
12. Battle! Regirock Regice Registeel (From Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire)
13. Battle! Gym Leader (From Pokemon Red Green Blue)
14. Kinjirareta Asobi (From Rozen Maiden)
15. Isaac’s Battle Theme (From Golden Sun)
16. Alice’s Tango (You Will Be Mine)
17. Alice’s Tango (You Will Be Mine) [FR Version]

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