Erectile Dementia – Rock n’ Roll Abortion (2017)

Band – Erectile Dementia
Album – Rock n’ Roll Abortion
Year – 2017
Genre – Metal
Web – Facebook
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

01 Casket Of Civilization
02 Hot Black Coffee In Hell
03 Bereft Of Cranial Content
04 False Fuck
05 Instantaneously Decapitated By A Higher Power
06 The Sputtering Howl Of The Exaggerated Underbite Werewolf
07 Uncircumcised Blowbang Blooper Reel
08 Digital Crypt Of Quantified Nostalgia
09 Pro-Life Retard Fuck Off
10 Horribly Misspelled Epitaph
11 Pontification On Proper Abrahamic Molestation Rituals
12 Moharebeh For Shaitan
13 Repeatedly Making The Same Poor Life Choices Rarely Yields Wisdom
14 Titanium Dildo Held Aloft In Victory
15 Formal Commemoration Of Human Meat
16 Urinal Mist
17 Cock Rock Penetration
18 Sweet Home Chernobyl
19 Adorable Corpse
20 Moderately Horrendous At Best
21 Transparent Winds
22 Why Don’t You Go Die?
23 Inspirational Recovering Junkie Story With Tragic Relapse Ending
24 Eulogy For A Severed Appendage
25 Proliferation Of Inferior Assholes
26 Incessant Irrelevant Information
27 Mercilessly Scoffed At By Pretentious Art-Noise Geezer
28 Church Of The Born Again Christian Pedophile
29 Self-Documentation Of Midlife Crisis Meltdown
30 Tiptoeing Through The Battle Ruins
31 Less Talented Than This
32 One Trimester Too Many
33 Schmear Of Smegma
34 Genuflection Before The Bedazzled Skull Of Christ
35 Passive Aggressive Suicide Bomber
36 Hideous Infant
37 Nothing New To Offer Featuring Ex-Members Of Desperately Trying To Milk Past Achievements
38 Erroneous Prophecy
39 Go Further Away

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