Cold July – Goodbye​.​.​. My Love​.​.​. (2024)

Band –Cold July
Album –Goodbye​.​.​. My Love​.​.​.
Year –2024
Genre –Depressive Black Metal
Country –United Kingdom
Quality – MP3 CBR 320 KBPS

1.Welcomed Only by Heartbreak 04:08
2.Dismal Shaded of my Broken Soul 04:41
3.How can I Unmiss you?… 05:30
4.No Words Left to say 06:43
5.Alone in This World 04:37
6.Behind a Frozen Window, I Watched you Disappear… 06:10
7.Silent Cries of Emptiness 05:33
8.If I Never Wake Up Again, Please Remember I Once Loved you… 06:48
9.Love(lorn) 06:35
10.Maybe in Another Universe, We Could Have Made it… 08:28
11.I’m a Failure 03:40
12.Sleep Overdose (Hanging Garden Cover) 08:00
13.Goodbye… My Love… 07:48

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